How To Adjust Your Garage Door Opener

There is nothing like coming home from a hard day’s work and having your garage door open automatically for you. While you are still some distance away from your home, at the press of a button, a radio beam is sent that activates the door opener. This allows for you to simply pull into your garage, close the garage door by hitting the same switch, getting out of your car, and walk into your home. This convenience is especially useful during inclement weather.

Not only is a garage door opener a modern day convenience that is handy to have, but can also serve as a safety measure for the family. Imagine that no one is home and a member of the family arrives at the house during the hours of darkness. What a relief it is to know that the opener will allow for easy and safe access of that family member. Once safely inside the garage, the garage door can be shut safely by that member of the family while still secure in the vehicle. Once the door has been shut they may safely embark on a journey into the home.

In addition, there are certain convenient features. These features include remote controls, keyless entry pads and switches that are keyed.

When installing a door opener or using an opener for a period of time, there may be certain adjustments that need to be made. Those adjustments include adjusting the limits of the door opener, adjusting the force, and adjusting the safety feature.

Adjusting Limits

Sometimes the garage door opener does not allow for the garage door to fully close or open. If this is the case it may require that the limits be adjusted.

On the main panel of the garage door opener there are a number of adjusting screws. The adjusting limit screw can be turned to compensate for the garage door’s lack of closing securely or not opening to the proper height.

Simply turn the adjustment screw in a clockwise direction to fully open the limits of the garage door or the opposite direction to allow for complete closure.

Adjusting The Force

Another adjustment that may need to be made with the garage door opener is adjusting the force. The force of the garage door opener needs to be adjusted if the door, while closing, does not reverse its direction when pressure. This pressure can be applied by holding onto the door. Also, if the door reverses on its own the same adjustment in force needs to occur.

The forced applied by the garage door opener needs to be decreased if the garage door does not stop its movement when held as it is opening.

Adjust The Safety Feature

The door openers of today have a built in reverse direction system. The safety feature is engaged when the door touches an object as it is being closed. This object could be your car, member of the family, etc. A simple test to determine the sensitivity of this feature can be accomplished by deliberately placing an object in the closing door’s path. If the door stops its motion downward, but does not automatically return, simply turn the down limit screw clockwise and retest.

Continue this process till the safety feature of the garage door opener is functioning properly.

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