Make Sure that your Garage Security isn’t the Weakest Link in your Home Security Plans

Not every burglar shows up at your house completely prepared with a kit of high-tech tools to help him help himself to your safe with. Sometimes, they just show up for whatever easy pickings there are. Usually, the easiest pickings are right there in front of him before he even enters your house – it’s your garage. Of course, there’s a car or two in there that he could steal; but quite apart from that, there is often equipment to be found, tools, and of course, the door inside that leads indoors. Garage security is important, but many of us just manage to overlook it.

That’s why burglars love to think of your garage as a front door that you put up just for them. They know that people can be so lax about garage security that often, they won’t even arrange to have their home security system cover it.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to correct this weak link in your home security plans that involves your garage. For instance, just changing the way you see your garage could do you a lot of good. People often just leave their garage doors wide open – giving any potential thief passing by a good look of what there is to hit. It’s just human nature to want to deal with the familiar. If you let the thief become familiar with what your garage looks like, he’s going to want to try to break in. So a good rule of garage security would be to always keep your garage doors closed.

Does your garage have a window or two? Make sure that it’s made of secure impact-resistant glass and put a bar or two across it. Using frosted glass would not be a bad idea either – just to keep prying eyes from seeing anything.

Of course, the main point of entry to your garage – your garage doors – are the most important thing to take care of. You want a good quality door installed. The next time you set money aside for home improvement, make sure that you fix anything that’s wrong with the garage door – broken panes, rusty sections and so on.

Be sure also to get an automatic garage door – something with a remote control opener. It’s not just convenience that you would want to get this for. Automatic electrically-operated garage doors have locks that are very difficult for the casual thief to manipulate.

And finally, do make sure that the connecting door in your garage that takes you indoors is well protected. If you have a home security system, extend that to this door. In fact, it should have the same kind of security that you front door has. Better still, get a deadbolt for it. Some people choose keyless entry systems, which offer a great deal of security, too.

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