Automated Garage Doors

An automated or remote controlled door was once a luxury only attainable by the wealthy. These days and with our competitive prices these doors are obtainable by all of our customers regardless of status. Imagine the convenience of driving up to your garage door and opening it without having to leave the warmth and security of your car. This is a real possibility with our exciting range of remote controlled doors and we think you will be pleasantly surprised by our prices. Garage Doors Wellingborough can fit our remote controlled openers to almost any kind of garage door including your existing garage door if you so wish. Automated garage doors are becoming more and more popular with our customers who want a more convenient solution and an option that potentially adds value to your property.

Our remote controlled products are carefully chosen for their reliability and performance and we never install substandard products. We want you to be completely happy with your automated garage doors and our expert team of fitters will ensure your door is tested thoroughly and that you are satisfied before we leave your property.

All of our customers can take advantage of our garage survey. This service is completely free and allows us to show you our products, take accurate measurements, and provide you with a competitive quote. We will never send a salesperson to your home and our surveys are always carried out by our professional fitters. We will offer practical advice on the perfect garage door to suit your requirements and your garage space. Whatever you use your garage for we are confident we have the garage door to suit.

Automated Garage Doors – Benefits

Automated garage doors offer the following benefits:

  • Easy operation – no manual operation or heavy lifting
  • Reliable remote control range of 100m
  • No keys required
  • Additional safety aspects – the device detects obstructions (child, pet, other vehicle) and the door will stop upon detection of any obstacle
  • Security is essential – once shut, the doors are shut tight

If you would like further details about our remote controlled garage doors, don’t hesitate to call Garage Doors Wellingborough.


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