Check Out how Healthy your Garage Door Bottom Seal Is

When was the last time you took a look at your garage door bottom seal and thought to yourself “Well, that’s in good shape and now I can rest easy”. That’s the problem – we never do that. We never realize how that bottom seal may be the only thing standing between you and a good lot of heartache when there is a stiff shower the can flood your garage and ruin a lot of stuff stored in there.

It often happens that garages are built lower down on a sloping driveway. It’s just a situation that just begs for a garage flooding situation. Have you ever noticed how these things only happen when everyone’s asleep or away on holiday?

Now it would always be a good idea, even if your driveway doesn’t slope towards your garage, to make sure that your possessions are stored little bit above ground level. Even if you don’t have a flooding situation, you could have damp rising up from the ground sometimes. Making sure that you don’t put anything right on the ground is always a good idea. Once you do this, you need to turn your attention to the garage door bottom seal.

The seal on most kinds of doors is a heavy-duty strip of a vinyl that is affixed to the bottom of the garage door. It does a pretty good job holding tightly to the ground and keeping water out. To make sure that it is in good enough condition to do its job properly, make sure ahead of every rainy season, to take a close look at it to see if there are any cracks. Close the garage door like you always do, and try to check for the integrity of the seal by bringing your garden hose pipe out and hosing the garage door down.

While a small amount of leakage would certainly be okay, you want to see rivulets running in. If that happens, there’s your sign that your garage door bottom seal is past it and needs replacement. It’s actually a very easy operation to replace the seal on your own. The seal is just a piece of soft vinyl slotted into the bottom of the door. You just need to get new seals for your model door and slide them in.

A new bottom seal doesn’t cost very much at all – just about $20 or so. If you want a better seal than what a standard vinyl door seal can deliver, there are all kinds of aftermarket products available. There is weatherstripping, there are companies likes Park Smart and so on. Park Smart sells a strip of soft rubber glued to the bottom of your garage door. That’s a seal that no amount of water standing outside could penetrate.

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