Garage Flooring – What Are your Options?

Unlike in the past when garages were mainly used for parking cars and for storing unwanted items, these days they are also used as work areas. Unfortunately, while many people will readily admit that a garage should have a strong floor, not many people take time to maintain these garages. Among the common garage flooring options available today are mats and carpets. The only thing you will have to do as far as this option is concerned will be sizing your carpet for the garage floor.

When choosing the mats and carpets you should also ensure that the bets materials are those that are resistant to chemicals and moisture. Most of the garage mats and carpets can be cleaned by vacuuming, washing and sweeping. One of the best things about this option is it can be used to beautify older garage floors that have gained stains or cracks over time. Another of the garage flooring options is tiles and these come in ceramic or plastic modular. The latter has quite a number of advantages; they are easy to walk on, can resist oil and gas and quite affordable.

Another advantage of plastic tiles is that they can be done together to form one puzzle and in case of any damage you can replace them individually. Tiles come in various colors and are easily available as well so getting them will not be a problem. If you would rather take the simple route, you can use paint to beautify your floor. When choosing the paint you should consider the fact that the garage floor often gets into contact with things like heat, vehicle weight and chemicals.

The paint on the floor of a garage can be affected by moisture, abrasions and pedestrian traffic as well. Normal paint is not the best to use as it will break down and peel after consistent use of the floor. Therefore, the chosen paint should be resistant to scratches, bond to the floor’s concrete flawlessly and make the floor look fabulous. Then there is concrete flooring which is used as one of the garage flooring options as well. The best thing about concrete flooring is that it comes in different y designs and you can choose the one that suits you best.

For the environmentally conscious people, the best option will be rubber flooring. This could be due to the fact that rubber is obtained from trees. Not only does floor add more value to the home, it will also make it look sharp. It can decrease that can be tracked in the home as well. With all these advantages it there is no reason why the rubber floors cannot be used for the garage as well. With all the above options there is no reason why your floor should spot a stained or ugly look.

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